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My photographs are about water. Water plays a central role in all our lives, be it as a substance required for our survival, be it as a mystical symbol in our spiritual worlds. The symbolism of water is found in most – if not
all – religions and philosophical traditions, and has a universal undertone of purity, fertility and wisdom.

Many artists have been inspired by water. One of the most famous artists obsessed by water was Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo wrote in his manuscripts about the reflections on water and its importance for painters; the motion of water; the refraction of light through water; and even about the action of water in the production of rainbows. He described water as "the vehicle of nature" ("vetturale di natura"), believing water to be to the earth what blood is to our bodies.

Leonardo made hundreds of observations and drawings on the movement of water. But Leonardo was of course never a dispassionate observer, and he wrote elsewhere of the 'beautiful spectacles of rippling water' and the 'beautiful movements which result from one element [air] penetrating another [water].' And it is this beauty that I try to capture with my photography.

Splash at sunset
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If you want to find out more about the physics of light or the symbolic meaning of water (and reflection) in various religions and traditions, you will find some links to interesting sites here:

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Steffen Faisst Photography exhibited in Miami, Art Basel Spectrum

Exhibition of my photographs at the Art Basel Spectrum Miami, USA,
from December 03 to 06, 2015.

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Leonardo da Vinci, Study of water falling into still water, ca. 1508/1509

(Text and picture partly taken from (1, 2 and 3).

As an art-loving scientist, I am as fascinated by water as was Leonardo. Water can take an unlimited number of shapes and colours, making it to a fascinating source of inspiration. Using high-speed close-up photography I try to capture the marvellous graphical and sculptural art created by moving natural waters. Generally, these artworks cannot be perceived by the human eye unless frozen in a photograph. My main focus in this context is to picture small events, and most of the waves and splashes visualized in my photographs are only 1 - 10 centimeters (or about 0,5 - 3 inches) high. I hope you enjoy.