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Fascination Water

Steffen Faisst, Denmark, Best In Competition – The Four Elements, Photographer

“Over the years, I became fascinated by water photography, especially after realizing – rather accidentally – that moving water creates marvelous artworks. Generally, these natural artworks cannot be perceived by the human eye unless frozen in a photograph. My intention is to mediate the beauty of this sculptural and graphical art to the beholder. Nature is the greatest artist. My focus is on visualizing small events, using close-up photography. Most of the waves and splashes shown are only one to three inches high. ”

website: www.water-photography.dk

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All what is shown below is a copy of my solo online exhibition taken from the website of Exhibitions without Walls.
The format and layout of the original page was very different!
This copy is only thought to be a documentation/souvenir of my first solo appearance.

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