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This series depicts the sculptural art formed by splashes at the shore or in mountain rivers. Again, my focus is on the small events, arising from small waves, and lasting only for split seconds. Taking these photographs requires to anticipate the event, and hitting the trigger before it occurs … often while lying with my stomach in the mud, and risking to immerse my camera.

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splash waterfall photograph


“… Everybody can walk at a beach, a lakefront or a riverbank and take pictures. However, it requires a trained eye and an artist vision to take the right capture. A capture that is perfectly balanced in terms of color and composition. And Steffen Faisst can do this. Look for example to his series “Splashes”, capturing the foam ejected by breaking waves. The results are impressive. The photographs look like abstract impressionist compositions, and could have been created by a Jackson Pollock, a Henry Michaux or a Cy Twombly. Informal, spontaneous paintings, where the artist leads the brush in one energetic stroke over the canvas. However, here, it is Nature that has created these masterpieces. And continues to create them without ceasing, without anyone noticing. Steffen Faisst isn’t a painter, but has an artist’s eye allowing him to find the split second in which the foamy water takes precisely that pattern and form that makes the beholder to break out: this is awesome. …”

TOM JØRGENSEN, art critic at the Danish newspaper ”Jyllands Posten” and editorial journalist at the Danish art magazine ”Kunstavisen”

water photograph splash water photograph splash water photograph splash water photograph splash water photograph splash water photograph splash Foamy splash at the water's edge water photograph splash


delicate arch


golden drops

bridge over troubled water



three sisters

water photograph splash


the ballerina

Splash; water photograph

blue velvet


splash, water photograph

agitated still life

splash, water photograph

T-rex & fly

Splash, water photograph water photography splash water photography splash

porphyry performance

water & ice

splash water photograph water photograph at sunset water photograph splash

story of a red stone


the wall

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water photograph splash